How to choose a Suitable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

09, 2023


How to Choose a Suitable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine? 

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 "How to Choose a Suitable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?" is a question that many customers are concerned about. Let's discuss this topic, Choose the suitable fiber laser cutting machine requires many consideration, such as the cutting requirements: the material type, the thickness of the material, the cutting speed and precision, and the power and capabilities required in the fiber laser cutting machine.

Budget: Determine your budget for buying a laser metal cutting machine, consider both the initial investment and any extra cost for installation, training, maintenance, and support. 

The budget directly affects the configuration of the machine. If your budget is limited and your main goal is to cut metal plates, then you can choose a single-platform laser metal cutting machine; if you have a moderate budget and pay more attention to environmental protection and safety, you can choose a fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine. for processing large-format metal sheets, OR-GR large-format laser steel cutting machine is your best choice. The processing area can reach 14100*4050mm.

Material: Decide what material you are cutting: metal or non-metal, pipe or plate or both?  For metal, we recommend using a sheet metal laser cutter. For non-metal and thin metals, choose a CO2 laser cutter.

If you often cut metal, then a fiber laser metal cutting machine is your best choice, such as cutting iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. For some highly reflective materials, such as aluminum, brass, etc., there are higher requirements for the cutting machine. Because of the particularity of the material itself, it will lead to unstable operation and destructive automatic shutdown during the processing process, and even cause extreme damage to the laser, Shortened laser life. Of course, the thickness of your material also needs to be considered. Make certain that the machine you select is appropriate for your material requirements.


Power and Capability: For the laser cutting machine’s power, higher power machines can often cut thicker materials and have faster cutting speeds. Examine the machine’s specific capabilities, such as the maximum thickness it can cut any additional feature, such as bevel cutting or 3D cutting. At present, our fiber cutting laser machine has reached 60,000w, which can meet the cutting needs of most thicknesses. Laser source have Max/IPG/Raycus.

Cutting Area and Bed Size: The cutting area and bed size needed for your applications. Make sure the machine can handle the size of the materials you’ll be working with. The most common work area is 3050*1530mm, which is also the 3015 model laser metal cutting machine we often call it, other models: 4020, 6025, 6020, 12035,etc.

Cutting Speed and Efficiency: Evaluate the machine’s cutting speed and efficiency. Higher cutting speeds can boost productivity while decreasing production time. To boost prodution time. To boost efficiency, look for features such as automatic material feeding and unloading system, It will save you a lot of time and labor costs.

Precision and Accuracy: The fiber cutting laser machine’s precision and accuracy, look for servo motors and linear guides, which can give precise and accurate cuts. Check the machine’s repeatability and tolerance levels as well.

Software and Control System: In order to simplify your production, please look for user-friendly software and systems. Our cnc fiber laser cutting machine systems all adopt CypCut control system, which is a set of software specially developed for the laser cutting industry. It is easy to use and rich in functions. , suitable for various processing occasions.

Maintenance and Support: Think about the machine’s maintenance requirements as well as the availability of technical help. Check to see if the manufacturer or supplier provides training, maintenance, and spare parts support.

ROI: Determine the machine’s possible return on investment, consider enhanced productivity, reduced material waste, and the flexibility to accept more projects or customers.

Likewise, these factors have an impact on the pricing of laser cutting machines. For more information, we invite you to read our article: "How much does a laser cutting machine cost?"


Advantage of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Versatility: Laser cutting machines are versatile and can cut a variety of material such as metals, fabric, and others. They can handle a wide range of thickness and materials, making them suited for a wide range of purposes.

Precision: Fiber laser cutters are extremely precise and accurate, allowing for dedicate and exact cuts. They have the ability to cut complex shapes and patterns with precision, resulting in a high-quality finished product.

Speed: Laser steel cutting machines are faster than many other types of cutting. They have the ability to rapidly cut through materials, decreasing production time and enhancing efficiency.

Small waste: Fiber laser cutters can result less material waste, the laser beam’s focus enables precise cutting, optimizing material utilization.

Types of Metal Laser Cutter

There are several types of metal laser cutters: laser tube cutting machine, sheet laser cutting machine, dual-use sheet and tube laser cutting machine:

Fiber laser tube cutter machine: If your processing requirement is to cut pipes, then the fiber laser tube cutter machine is your best choice, it cuts through the material with a laser beam, resulting in precise and accurate cuts. fiber laser tube cutting machine work with metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. They widely used utilized in a variety of industries, including furniture, aerospace, automotive, etc.

For the tube metal laser cutter, Oree Laser offers various models such as the OR-TE: Side-mounted heavy-duty laser tube cutter, OR-TZ: Ultra-heavy four-chuck fiber laser tube cutter machine, and OR-TH: Semi-automatic high-efficiency laser pipe cutting machine.

Sheet metal laser cutter: A sheet metal laser cutter is a type of laser cutter designed

For cutting sheet metal materials. It cuts through sheet metal with a laser beam, producing precise and accurate cuts. A sheet metal laser cutter can work with stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and others. They commonly utilized in the construction, etc.

For the sheet metal laser cutters, Oree Laser offers OR-PG High power fiber laser cutting machine, OR-PH Full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine, OR-H ultra speed fiber laser cutting machine, OR-S High precision sheet metal laser cutters.

Tube and Plate Laser Cutting Machine: A sheet and tube metal laser cutter is a type of laser cutting machine can cut sheet metal as well as tubes. It combine the characteristic of a sheet metal laser cutter and tube laser cutter into a single machine, providing flexibility in the cutting of various metal materials. These machines often include a dual purpose cutting bed that can accommodate flat sheet metal as well as tubes. The laser beam can be guided to cut through sheet metal as well tubes, allowing for a variety of cutting applications.

For the tube and plate laser cutting machine, Oree Laser offers OR-PHT Protective closed sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine, OR-EHT Exchange table sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine, OR-FHT Dual use tube and plate laser cutting machine.

If you need any help to choose the right fibe laser cutting machine for you, Please feel free to contact us, Our team will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need and help you make an informed decision.

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