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Laser cutting machine empowers metal processing transformation and upgrading into the fast lane

04, 2022

by Oree Laser

In recent years, with the rapid growth of my country's scientific and technological innovation power, the industrial development has been advancing rapidly, showing a strong growth trend. Among them, the equipment manufacturing industry, as the core productive force of the industry, provides production technology and equipment for the simple reproduction and expansion of the national economy, and is the promotion of the national economy. an important determinant of rapid growth.


Taking the field of metal processing as an example, due to the emergence of intelligent laser processing equipment, it has brought inexhaustible impetus to improve processing efficiency, and the output of metal products has increased by leaps and bounds. Enterprises engaged in metal products quickly occupy the market through international trade and expand market layout.In the global racing track, China's intelligent assembly manufacturing industry and metal processing industry ushered in a period of rapid development.



As one of the most important technologies in current metal processing, laser cutting equipment realizes intelligent and efficient production of metal materials through advanced technology. From rough processing to precision processing, laser cutting equipment has broken through the low cutting precision and poor quality of workpieces in traditional processing equipment. , The technical limitations of low production efficiency, laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, good verticality of the section, smooth section without secondary processing, fast production speed, good quality, etc. At the same time, laser cutting has high flexibility, and can be customized according to different specifications. Flexible layout customization of plates and pipes to achieve rapid cutting of different metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, and brass. The industry has proposed many new development directions, broadening the scope of metal processing trade and customer groups.


Based on the intelligent scenarios of the metal processing industry, Orui Laser realizes the interoperable leap from ultra-high power to ultra-large and ultra-long format; from single platform to exchange platform, from metal cleaning to welding, depending on the customer's application industry and construction environment. Customers provide tailor-made personalized metal processing intelligent solutions.



Advanced laser manufacturing technology is accelerating the transformation of the metal processing industry to intelligent, automated and green. As a high-quality producer of laser cutting equipment in my country, Ouri Laser, after years of technological precipitation, strives to conquer laser production technology and build a world-class developed country. Laser equipment with the same performance, and iteratively update laser equipment according to the needs of customers, empower the metal manufacturing industry, and provide affordable and well-used laser cutting equipment for many industries, so that small and micro processing enterprises and individuals can also Can enjoy the dividends brought by technological progress and technological development.


Technological innovation in equipment manufacturing ultimately needs to precisely empower all walks of life. ORUI Laser insists on building a high-quality technological innovation engine, improving laser R&D technology production, stimulating endogenous motivation, transforming and developing new kinetic energy for metal processing, promoting rapid economic development, and creating Greater social value!

Professional Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer - OreeLaser

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