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OR-WTA: Platform Fully Automatic Laser Welding Machine

07, 2023


OR-WTA: Platform Fully Automatic Laser Welding Machine


We are proud to announce the launch of our newest innovation, the OR-WTA: a platform fully automatic laser welding machine. Designed to revolutionize the welding industry, the OR-WTA combines cutting-edge technology with advanced features to deliver unmatched precision, speed, and efficiency in laser welding.


Double Swing Laser Welding Head:

At the heart of the OR-WTA lies its exceptional double swing laser welding head. This feature allows for continuous precision laser welding, as well as laser spot welding, ensuring high welding strength, accuracy, and remarkable efficiency. Whether you are working on intricate components or larger structures, the OR-WTA's double swing laser welding head guarantees outstanding results every time.


CNC Three-Axis Moving Table (XYZ):

The OR-WTA boasts a CNC three-axis moving table, controlled by computer programming, enabling geometric space movement. This functionality allows the machine to accommodate a wide range of product shapes and sizes, adapting seamlessly to any welding path. With its precise and flexible movements, the OR-WTA ensures optimal welding performance while reducing the need for manual adjustments or repositioning.


360° Welding Capability:

One of the standout features of the OR-WTA is its ability to achieve automatic or semi-automatic electric welding in a 360° range. This offers numerous advantages, including aesthetically pleasing and robust welds, fast welding speeds, minimal workpiece deformation, and eliminates the need for time-consuming post-welding grinding. Additionally, the OR-WTA requires no consumables, resulting in cost savings and enhanced sustainability.


By choosing the OR-WTA, you can benefit from:


1. Superior Welding Quality: The OR-WTA ensures consistent, high-quality welds, surpassing traditional welding methods. Its precise laser control guarantees exceptional accuracy and strength, meeting the highest industry standards.

2. Improved Efficiency: With its fully automatic operation and advanced features, the OR-WTA drastically reduces production time. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, it achieves faster welding speeds, optimizing productivity while maintaining unparalleled precision.

3. Versatility: The OR-WTA is highly adaptable and caters to diverse welding requirements. From small components to large-scale projects, its dynamic capabilities effortlessly accommodate an extensive range of applications and materials.

4. Cost Savings: The OR-WTA's efficient laser technology minimizes material waste and reduces operational costs. Additionally, its automated features result in a decrease in labor-intensive processes, leading to significant cost savings for businesses.


The OR-WTA fully automatic laser welding machine represents a breakthrough in laser welding technology. Its double swing laser welding head, CNC three-axis moving table, and 360° welding capability set it apart from traditional welding methods, offering exceptional precision, efficiency, and versatility. At OREE Laser, we are proud to introduce this cutting-edge solution, empowering industries across various sectors to achieve flawless welds and enhance their productivity.


For more information about the OR-WTA or other laser cutting machine, tube and plate laser cutting machine, metal laser cutter from OREE Laser, please visit our website or contact our knowledgeable team. Experience the next level of laser welding with the OR-WTA.

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