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Oree Laser Shines at IMATECH2024 - A Recap

02, 2024

by Jennifer Liu - Oree Laser

Oree Laser Shines at IMATECH 2024 - A Recap

At the recent IMATECH 2024 event, Oree Laser once again demonstrated the innovation and cutting-edge technology to a captivated audience. As the second stop on the Oree World Tour 2024, held from February 22-25, 2024 in Fuar Izmir, Izmir, Turkey, the event was a resounding success.


Showcasing Excellence


We have showcased our popular machines, the OR-PG 12kW High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, and the OR-TL Economical Tube Laser Cutting Machine, drawing in a significant number of visitors to booth B-184. Attendees were treated to live cutting demonstrations by the OR-TL and OR-PG, showcasing the precision and efficiency of these machines.


The cutting-edge technology and advanced features of the OR-PG and OR-TL machines left a lasting impression on visitors, with many expressing admiration for the speed and accuracy of the laser cutting process. The live demonstrations provided a hands-on experience for attendees, allowing them to witness firsthand the capabilities of Oree Laser’s machinery. 

Laser Cutting - Photo by IMATECH

Laser Cutting - Photo by IMATECH

Building Trust and Loyalty


The event saw a mix of loyal customers and new prospects stopping by the Oree Laser booth. The quality of Oree's machines and the live demonstrations inspired trust among the visitors, leading to multiple orders being signed during the exhibition. Oree Laser is grateful for the trust placed in our products and extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited the booth.


The positive feedback and interest shown by customers reaffirmed Oree Laser's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. Our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation was evident throughout the event.

Oree Successful Signing at IMATECH2024

A Collaborative Journey


The IMATECH 2024 event provided a platform for us to engage with customers, precious and new, and explore the realm of innovation together. We are committed to pushing boundaries and delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.


Oree Laser values the relationships built with customers and partners at events like IMATECH 2024, recognizing the importance of collaboration and feedback in driving future advancements. The exchange of ideas and insights at the event contributed to a shared vision of progress and excellence in the field of laser technology.

IMATECH 2024 | Oree Laser

Looking Ahead to STOM-TOOL 2024

STOM-TOOL 2024 | Oree Laser

Oree Laser is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming STOM-TOOL 2024 event, to be held in Kielce, Poland, from March 19-22, 2024. At booth B-30, Oree Laser will unveil our OR-PG and OR-FHT Sheet and Tube Dual-Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. We would like to invites everyone to join in the excitement and witness the latest in laser technology at STOM-TOOL 2024. We looks forward to continuing our journey of excellence and collaboration at upcoming events. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements from us on the Oree World Tour 2024!

IMATECH 2024 X Oree Laser NEXT

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