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Oree laser return a visit to the India

11, 2018

by Oree laser

Recently, Oree laser Overseas Department came to India and visited the old customers. In the cold winter, we brought warmth to our customers, not only sent the care of our entire team, but also brought our professional after-sales and technical support to our customers. 

India, one of the birthplaces of the world's four ancient civilizations, attracts everyone's attention with its unique and diverse appearance. Speaking of India, what do you think of? Then following our Oree Overseas detachment to appreciate the unique charm of the Indian temple.

1. "The New Seven Wonders of the World" - Taj Mahal


2. The unique wonders of the world - Amber Fort


3. Golden temper


4. Big Bodhi Temple Tower


5. Lotus Temple

This time, our overseas team of Oree Laser came to visit a long-term cooperative agent in India.

The long-term purchase of the agent is OR-F3015A. It is also an advertising machine in our industry. As a classic model, the special laser cutting machine is an ideal entry-level laser cutting machine. It has an ultra-high cost performance, open type and single platform design, which makes it easier to operate and maintain. Of course, the cutting precision and cutting speed are also first-class, absolutely satisfying your cutting requirements in the advertising industry. The most noteworthy thing is that the equipment is affordable and low in operating costs, which is definitely the best choice for your advertising industry.

The end users of our agent are mostly cutting metal materials for the advertising industry. As we all know that the laser cutting material has the characteristics of flexibility and quickness. The semi-automatic cutting meets the needs of the advertising industry. The cutting is not limited by the shape, and can be performed quickly by software. And through reasonable typesetting, laser cutting can realize great use of materials. The cost of metal sheets is high, which will undoubtedly save the company a small amount of expenses and prevent waste. In addition, laser cutting is different from traditional cutting, its demand for labor is small. When laser cutting is used to make various materials, there is no need to make molds, and laser cutting production has less environmental pollution and can easily cope with noise, poor environment, etc. As a result, the laser device not only creates value for our agents, but also promotes the development of the Indian advertising industry.

ID116-1封面(840 473)xin.jpg

The return visit of our overseas detachment in India was warmly received by the Indian agent. They are not only satisfied with our machines, but also praised our after-sales and technical support. Oree laser will insist on using the best machine quality, the most sincere service attitude, the most perfect after-sales service, the best price, creating value and bringing convenience for customers.

Professional Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer - OreeLaser

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