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Unveiling Innovation: OREE LASER's Showcase at SIMTOS 2024

03, 2024

by Jennifer - OREE LASER

Unveiling Innovation: OREE LASER's Showcase at SIMTOS 2024

SIMTOS 2024 | Oree Laser

Get ready to witness cutting-edge technology and innovation at SIMTOS 2024 as Oree Laser gears up to participate in this prestigious exhibition. Join us at booth 09F630 from April 1-5, 2024, at KINTEX, Korea, where we will be unveiling our latest advancements in laser cutting machinery.

Introducing our exhibited machines from the 2.0 Series:

OR-PG High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: Beyond Imagination

- Experience powerful thick plate cutting with our high-power technology.

- Capable of easily cutting medium-thick plates ranging from 30-120mm.

- Featuring an intelligent bus control system for stable and efficient cutting.

- Equipped with a brand-new double-beam bed structure designed for thick plate processing needs.

- Incorporates a new type of heat insulation technology for improved equipment lifespan and cutting precision.

- Designed for industries requiring precision cutting of thick materials such as steel, aluminum, and more.

- Offers enhanced productivity and cost-efficiency, making it a valuable addition to any manufacturing operation.

OR-TS Three Chuck Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: Wide Cutting Range

- Offers a wide cutting application range suitable for various conditions.

- Enables pipe cutting with zero tailings processing, reducing material waste and enhancing efficiency.

- Equipped with a follow-up support device for enhanced cutting accuracy and stability.

- Features follow-up flipping for safe and efficient unloading, streamlining production processes and maximizing output.

- Ideal for industries requiring precise and efficient tube cutting solutions, such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Experience Oree's Independent Creation of Core Components:

Experience Oree's Independent Creation of Core Components, now backed by a 5-year warranty exclusively for OREE Core (control system), OREE Power (laser source), and OREE Sword (laser head). Explore Oree's cutting-edge core components, including OREE Core (control system), OREE Power (laser source), and OREE Sword (laser head). Our team of experts will showcase the reliability and performance of these components, highlighting their role in powering our advanced fiber laser cutting machines.

Discover Oree's Commitment to Innovation:

At SIMTOS 2024, we will demonstrate our dedication to innovation and technological advancement in the laser cutting industry. From enhanced cutting capabilities to intelligent control systems, Oree Laser is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing.

For more information on our independent creation of core components and our latest innovations in laser technology, visit our blog [Redefining Laser Technology with Independent Core Technologies]. Join us at booth 09F630 and immerse yourself in the world of precision cutting and advanced laser technology. Be part of the excitement at SIMTOS 2024 and witness the future of laser cutting unfold before your eyes. See you soon!

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