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Successful Handover Ceremony of Oree Laser World's 1st 12KW OR-TE: Strengthening Partnerships

08, 2023


Successful Handover Ceremony of Oree Laser World's 1st 12KW OR-TE: Strengthening Partnerships


On August 23th, OREE Laser held a momentous handover ceremony for the Oree Laser World's 1st 12KW OR-TE Bevel laser tube cutting machine. Our esteemed client, Mr. Shen from Malaysia, graced us with his presence. The event was marked by warm greetings from our Director of Tube laser cutting machine, Mr. Zu, who welcomed Mr. Shen and expressed gratitude for his trust and support in the OREE Laser. Mr. Shen also shared his thoughts on the long-standing partnership between OREE Laser and his company.


Strengthening Bonds:

The handover ceremony was a significant milestone in the collaboration between OREE Laser and Mr. Shen's company. It symbolized the deepening of our partnership and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions.


Trust and Support:

Mr. Zu's warm welcome speech emphasized the trust and support that OREE Laser has received from Mr. Shen and his company. This trust is a testament to the reliability and excellence of our products and services.


Years of Collaboration:

Mr. Shen highlighted the fruitful collaboration between OREE Laser and his company over the years. He acknowledged the consistent delivery of innovative and reliable solutions by OREE Laser, which has contributed to the success of their projects.



The OR-TE OREE LASER world's 1st 12KW Bevel tube fiber laser cutting machine, at the heart of the handover ceremony, represents a significant achievement for OREE Laser. It is a testament to our shared commitment to technological advancement and excellence.


Future Prospects:

The handover ceremony also served as a platform to discuss future prospects. Both OREE Laser and Mr. Shen expressed their enthusiasm for further collaboration, exploring new opportunities, and achieving mutual growth.


The successful handover ceremony of the Oree Laser world's 1st 12KW OR-TE marked an important milestone in the OREE Laser-Mr. Shen partnership. It showcased the trust, support, and fruitful collaboration between the two entities. OREE Laser remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and strengthening partnerships with clients like Mr. Shen, driving success and growth in the laser technology industry.


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